CAS North East Directions

Newcastle University School of Computing Science runs CAS North East - the CAS Regional Centre for the North East of England. Directions to the facilities we use at the University are given below.

See the University's guide for travel information and directions to the campus. The postcode for the University campus is NE1 7RU.

Facilities in the School of Computing Science

The School of Computing Science is in Claremont Tower, Claremont Road, NE1 7RU. Claremont Tower is building number 32 on the campus map. The School Reception is on the 8th Floor.

Mill Computer Cluster, D6.37, access via Claremont Tower. Smaller programming sessions take place in the Mill cluster. To get to the Mill, take the lift to the 6th Floor of Claremont Tower, turn right out of the lift and through the double doors, then turn left into the corridor to the Daysh building. The Mill cluster is at the end of the corridor, through two sets of double doors.

Rack Computer Cluster, Daysh Building. The Rack cluster is our main undergraduate teaching cluster. It is in the Daysh building and accessible via the entrance to the Daysh directly opposite the Claremont Tower ground floor entrance.

Seminar Room 1.01, Claremont Tower. Take the left-hand stairs up one flight of stairs and room 1.01 is directly opposite the the entrance to the stairs.

Seminar Room 6.02A, Claremont Tower. Take the lift to the 6th floor of Claremont Tower, turn right out of the lift, through the double doors, and 6.02A is the first room on the left, next to the vending machines.

Seminar Room 7.01, Claremont Tower. Take the lift to the 7th floor of Claremont Tower, turn right out of the lift, through the double doors, and 7.01 is the first room on the left.

After-hours access to Claremont Tower. The main doors to Claremont Tower are locked at 18.00 each evening. If you arrive to find the doors locked or get lost in the building, please contact Nick Cook.

Other venues we use

Barbara Strang Teaching Centre. The Barbara Strang Teaching Centre is in the Bedson building accessible via the Queen Victoria Road entrance adjacent to the Armstrong building and opposite the main entrance to the RVI. The Barbara Strang Centre is building number 21 on on the campus map

Brae Computer Cluster, Room 1.31, Daysh Building. The Brae cluster is in the Daysh building. We use it for larger programming sessions. The Daysh building is on Claremont Road, next to Claremont Tower. It is building number 31 on the campus map.

Great North Museum: Hancock, Claremont Road. The Great North Museum is on the opposite side of Claremont Road to Claremont Tower, at the junction with Barras Bridge. It is building number 34 on the campus map. The meeting rooms we use are at the rear of the museum building (at the opposite end to the Barras Bridge entrance). You can walk through the museum to the meeting rooms or use the campus entrance next to Claremont Bridge building to the rear of the museum. Note the Great North Museum postcode is NE2 4PT.

Herschel Building. The Herschel Building is just off the Haymarket, past the INTO building, which is opposite Haymarket metro. It is building number 17 on the campus map

King's Road Centre. The King's Road Centre is on King's Road in the centre of the campus, next to the Students' Union. It is building number 4 on the campus map. King's Road runs between the Claremont Road and St Thomas Street entrances to the campus.

The Core. The Core is a new building on the Science Central site, just off St James' Boulevard near the football ground. It is building 100 on the campus map. The Core postcode is NE4 5TF.

The Research Beehive, Old Library Building. The Research Beehive is in the Old Library Building, number 25 on the campus map. The quickest routes to the Old Library are either from Queen Victoria Road or across the lawn quadrant from Claremont Road. The Research Beehive is on floor 2 of the Old Library.

Car parking nearby

The nearest parking to the University is Claremont Road. NUFC stadium car park is walkable and cheaper. There is also some metred parking around Kensington Terrace. Most charges cease at 18.00.

Please see the University's guide to travel by road for other options.