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GCSE Computer Science Progress - linear learning
Organiser(s): Toni Pine <>, St Cuthbert's High School
Speaker(s): Toni Pine, St Cuthbert's High School
Target Key Stages: KS4
Charge: Free
Venue: St Cuthbert's High School <>, Newcastle NE15 7PX

The purpose of the project is to offer specialist expertise in the process of linear assessment for Computer Science departments embarking on the KS4 linear framework. The sessions provided will offer inside examiner knowledge based advice and training on how to deliver sessions on Computing in schools, and how best to build the skills of KS4 students to pass 2 exams at the end of the linear assessment process. There are 6 sessions in this training programme.

Session 1 – Wed 20th Sep – 4pm – 6.30pm Exam speak
Session 2 – Wed 1st Nov – 4pm – 6.30pm Essay based questions
Session 3 – Wed 29th Nov – 4pm – 6.30pm The hard stuff
Session 4 – Wed 24th Jan – 4pm – 6.30pm RE-CAP feedback from computing observations & best practice
Session 5 – Wed 7th Mar – 4pm – 6.30pm Making it STICK - Revision
Session 6 - Wed 11th Jul – 4pm – 6.30pm RESULTS

CAS Teesside Hub Meeting on KS4 provision
Target Key Stages: KS3, KS4
Charge: Free
Venue: Egglescliffe School <>, Eaglescliffe TS16 0LA

This meeting is aimed at teachers and subject leaders to provide an opportunity to discuss and share thoughts about the current provision for KS4 students in computer science and IT/ICT. We will also dedicate some time to discussing the current situation with KS4 computer science NEA. We will look at the rules over the resource bank, how best to prepare students, how to manage the delivery and assessment period and the JCQ guidelines.