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CAS North East and Barefoot Computing Regional Conference 2015

For both primary and secondary teachers.

08:15-16:10, Wednesday 25 March 2015, Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle, NE2 4PT

Helping you to implement the new curriculum.

Overview | Programme
£50.00 for a day's CPD!


The CAS North East Regional Conference is a day of high quality CPD delivered by experienced teacher trainers and practitioners, with a focus on lessons to take back to school and opportunities to share practice and ideas with colleagues across the region.

The conference will help you make sense of the new Computing curriculum with hands-on practical sessions on how to deliver the new curriculum at all Key Stages, in primary and secondary school. Workshops cover a range of topics including:

The conference opens with a keynote from Paul Curzon of CS4FN and Teaching London Computing. Simon Humphreys, CAS National Coordinator, will close the conference.


Click on a session title to see its description and information about speaker(s). The key stage relevance is indicative and many sessions will be of interest to both primary and secondary.

The workshop by Sue Sentance runs over 2 hours. All other sessions are for 1 hour (Mark Dorling is repeating his session).

Session resources are now available.

08:15-09:15 Registration and workshop sign-up GNM Hall 2
09:15-09:25 Welcome - Nick Cook, Newcastle University GNM Hall 2
09:25-10:55 Programming and Computational Thinking Unplugged - Paul Curzon, Queen Mary University of London GNM Hall 2
10:55-11:15 Break GNM Hall 2
11:15-12:15 Developing computational thinking with Logo/Turtle programming in Python - Andrew Charlton, Venerable Bede CoE Academy CLT 7.01 KS3, KS4, KS5
11:15-12:15 Effective teaching strategies to encourage computational thinking at primary - Zoe Ross, Barefoot Computing GNM Clore 1 KS1, KS2
11:15-12:15 North Tyneside's Build-IT Initiative (physical computing and maker activities) - Chris Wilde, Royal Grammar School CLB Mill KS2, KS3
11:15-12:15 Planning and progression at Key Stages 2 and 3 - Mark Dorling, Queen Mary University of London CLT 1.01 KS2, KS3
11:15-12:15 Progressing with Programming in Primary - Kelly Smith, Our Lady of Lourdes RCVA Primary GNM Clore 2 KS1, KS2
11:15-12:15 The CPU unplugged - Paul Robson, Cramlington Learning Village GNM Hall 3 KS3, KS4
12:15-13:05 Lunch GNM Hall 2
13:05-14:05 Building on Barefoot and gaining confidence - computer science from early years to lower KS2 - Jane Waite, CAS London GNM Clore 1 KS1, KS2
13:05-14:05 How the digitally illiterate are failing young people - Simon Finch, NorthernGrid for Learning GNM Clore 2 KS1, KS2, KS3
13:05-14:05 Introduction to Unplugged Programming for Teachers - Dave White, University College London GNM Hall 3 KS2, KS3
13:05-14:05 Planning and progression at Key Stages 2 and 3 (repeat of 11:15 session) - Mark Dorling, Queen Mary University of London CLT 1.01 KS2, KS3
13:05-14:05 The Little Man Computer and Assembly Language Coding - Veronica Dunn, CAS Community Outreach CLT 7.01 KS4, KS5
13:05-15:20 Working with databases with Python - Sue Sentance, Raspberry Pi Foundation CLB Mill KS4, KS5
14:05-14:20 Break GNM Hall 2
14:20-15:20 Data Representation - Getting to Grips with Binary Numbers - Jeanette Patterson, Saltus Grammar School Bermuda GNM Hall 3 KS3, KS4
14:20-15:20 Disney Pseudocode - from animation to programming and back again - Claire Graham, North Tyneside School Improvement Service GNM Clore 2 KS1, KS2
14:20-15:20 Image manipulation and computer science - Lee Willis, North East Futures UTC CLT 1.01 KS3
14:20-15:20 Using Lego WeDo in the computing curriculum - David Gregory, Lego Education CLT 7.01 KS2, KS3
14:20-15:20 Using tablets/iPads for computational thinking and planning next steps - Steve Bunce, Vital CPD GNM Clore 1 KS1, KS2
15:20-15:55 Closing address - Simon Humphreys, CAS GNM Hall 2
15:55-16:10 Thanks and free prize draw - Tom Anderson, Newcastle University GNM Hall 2

The conference is organised by the Newcastle University School of Computing Science outreach team in collaboration with CAS regional and national partners and Barefoot Computing.