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CAS North East Conference 2018

For both primary and secondary teachers.

08:15-16:15, Thursday 28 June 2018, Newcastle University School of Computing, Urban Sciences Building, NE4 5TG

Helping you implement the computing curriculum.

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£35.00 by credit card or £40.00 by invoice for a day's CPD!


The CAS North East Regional Conference is a day of high quality CPD delivered by experienced teacher trainers and practitioners with a focus on lessons to take back to school and opportunities to share practice and ideas with colleagues across the region.

The conference offers a range of hands-on practical sessions on how to deliver various aspects of the computing curriculum in both primary and secondary school. Topics covered include:

Simon Humphreys, CAS National Coordinator, will deliver a keynote to mark 10 years of CAS. Professor Paul Watson will provide an overview of Big Data, its applications and challenges.


Click on a session title to see its description and information about speaker(s). The key stage relevance is indicative and many sessions will be of interest to both primary and secondary.

Session resources are now available.

08:15-09:15 Registration and coffee USB Atrium
09:15-09:25 Welcome - Nick Cook, Newcastle University USB 1.006
09:25-10:10 Ten years of CAS - Simon Humphreys, CAS USB 1.006
10:10-11:10 Concept mapping in Computing Education - Mark Dorling, Queen Mary University of London USB 2.022 KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
10:10-11:10 Data Representation for KS3: Hexadecimals, ASCII and the escape room challenge - Ben Garside, Raspberry Pi Foundation USB 3.032 KS3, KS4
10:10-11:10 Edublocks for transition from Scratch to Python - Marty Edwards, Learn IT Compute IT USB 3.015 KS2, KS3
10:10-11:10 Greenfoot with Stride – programming after blocks - Neil Brown, King's College London USB 3.018 KS3
10:10-11:10 Physical computing with the Crumble controller - Sarah Zaman, CAS Community Outreach USB 3.005 KS1, KS2
10:10-11:10 Smelly Code - improving primary pupils programming - Jane Waite, CAS London USB 4.005 KS1, KS2
11:10-11:25 Break USB Atrium
11:25-12:25 A bluffer's guide to functional programming - Mark Clarkson, Egglescliffe School USB 3.005 KS4, KS5
11:25-12:25 Computing education research - Laura Heels, Newcastle University, and Chris Napier, Newcastle University USB G.003 KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
11:25-12:25 Making Analogue / Digital Mashups with the Raspberry Pi - Marty Edwards, Learn IT Compute IT USB 3.015 KS2
11:25-12:25 Networking animations and Using Packet Tracer to teach Networking in a hacking context - Duncan Maidens, Raspberry Pi Foundation USB 3.032 KS3, KS4
11:25-12:25 Simulating the world with Scratch - Nick Cook, Newcastle University USB 3.018 KS2, KS3
11:25-12:25 Teaching robots to dance! - Jane Adamson, Sunderland Digital School House, and Mark Lloyd, Sunderland Digital School House USB 2.022 KS1, KS2
11:25-12:25 What's trending? #esafety - Phillippa Chippendale, Openzone @ The Word, and Amanda Hayward, Openzone @ The Word USB 4.005 KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
12:25-13:15 Lunch USB Atrium
13:15-14:00 Big Data - Paul Watson, Newcastle University USB 1.006
14:00-15:00 Graphstation: a tool to teach graph theory - John Lamb, Sunderland University USB 3.018 KS3, KS4, KS5
14:00-15:00 Programming in Kodu with the micro:bit - Craig Skinner, The Grove Primary School USB 3.032 KS2
14:00-15:00 Searching and sorting unplugged - Jim Green, Consett Academy USB 2.022 KS3, KS4, KS5
14:00-15:00 The use of game development tool Construct 3 to teach computing - Tom Gullen, Scirra USB G.003 KS2, KS3, KS4
14:00-15:00 Why teach card tricks in class? - Claire Graham, North Tyneside School Improvement Service USB 4.005 KS2, KS3
15:00-15:15 Break USB Atrium
15:15-16:15 An Early APProach to Computer Programming - Martin Bailey, Animate2Educate USB 2.022 KS1, KS2
15:15-16:15 Digital literacy in primary - Kelly Smith, Our Lady of Lourdes RCVA Primary USB 3.015 KS1, KS2
15:15-16:15 Evidencing assessment in computing across KS2 & KS3 - Jordan Graham, Northumberland County Council USB 3.018 KS2, KS3
15:15-16:15 Physical computing with the Pibrella: the transition from block-based to text-based programming - Chris Napier, Newcastle University USB 3.005 KS2, KS3, KS4
15:15-16:15 The PRIMM - Predict, Run, Investigate, Modify, Make - approach to teaching programming - Simon Roberts, Carmel College USB 3.032 KS3, KS4
16:15-16:30 Close and prize draw - Nick Cook, Newcastle University USB 1.006

The conference is organised by the CAS North East in collaboration with CAS regional and national partners.