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Networking animations and Using Packet Tracer to teach Networking in a hacking context

Duncan Maidens, CAS West Midlands and Birmingham City University


This session will introduce a set of 9 animations which can be used to supplement the teaching of basic networking principles such as serial transmission, network topology, Ethernet frames (encapsulation), hubs and switches. We then use Cisco’s Packet tracer Software (free to schools) to teach computer networking concepts such as IP addresses, DNS, URL, frames and packets, port mapping, redirection and rouge hotspots in the context of hacking a network.
Brief videos of the session are at:-
1. Basic sniffer capturing ftp usernames and passwords
2. Hacked web page with URL misdirecting to fake web sites
3. Rogue Hot spot taking cafe customers and directing them to a rogue DNS server from which URL are misdirected.

Duncan Maidens's biography

Duncan is an Associate Professor at BCU and leads CAS West Midlands Regional Centre. Duncan graduated from University of Newcastle upon Tyne with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1987. He started working life as BBC engineer followed by a period as a Royal Navy Instructor Officer. After returning to University and gaining an MSc in Data Telecoms and Computer Networks, he progressed through several research and teaching positions at Salford and Staffordshire Universities. Joining BCU in 2001, he now heads a team of Networking Specialists running the Cisco Academy Program.

Relevant Key Stages: KS3, KS4

Room: USB 3.032 - meeting room, level 3, Urban Sciences Building

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