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Data Representation for KS3: Hexadecimals, ASCII and the escape room challenge

Ben Garside, Raspberry Pi Foundation


This session will involve looking at how data is represented in computer systems. In the session we will look at how to convert between denary and binary values before moving onto hexadecimals. Once we have covered the basics we will explore how these activities can be taught to students to stretch and challenge them by attempting the Escape Room challenge using our new skills.

Relevant Key Stages: KS3, KS4

Ben Garside's biography

Ben is a Computing teacher at Durham Johnston School. Having originally trained as an ICT teacher, Ben was lucky enough to have been given the opportunity by his school to retrain and completed units from the MSc in Computer Science at Newcastle University to gain a Post Graduate Certificate. Ben is also a local Master Teacher in the Durham area as well as jointly running the Durham Hub.

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