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Digital literacy in primary

Kelly Smith, Our Lady of Lourdes RCVA Primary


Given the increasing importance of online safety, this workshop offers some theory and practical activities both on and away from the computer to use in class when teaching Digital Literacy in primary, mostly KS2. The aim is not to highlight concerns over online safety but how to teach young people to become capable digital citizens. Many young people are actively engaged in IT worlds from an early age but are not yet prepared to engage confidently with a range of online communities and platforms.

Relevant Key Stages: KS1, KS2

Kelly Smith's biography

Kelly has been a teacher for over 14 years, the last 4 as a CAS Master Teacher. Kelly is also a Specialist Leader in Education with a specific focus on Computing. Currently, she runs an after school Coding/Digital Leaders club. Prior to entering teaching, Kelly worked in various areas of ICT for over 8 years in local government, NHS and private companies.

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