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Teaching robots to dance!

Jane Adamson, Sunderland Digital School House, and Mark Lloyd, Sunderland Digital School House


In this hands on session you will explore how a variety of different robots can be used to give context to coding activities. The aim is to inspire and motivate your students and have a lot of fun teaching robots how to dance.

Relevant Key Stages: KS1, KS2

Jane Adamson's biography

Jane is an Education Consultant with a great passion for using technology to enhancing teaching and learning. Her experience has involved leading on teaching and learning with technology in school and working with teachers and students from Early Years to Key Stage 4 and beyond. She has many years experience of delivering fun and engaging activities to inspire and motivate students to succeed and encourage lifelong learning. Her current focus is on incorporating Computational thinking across the curriculum. She also works with schools to develop strategic vision for the use of technology and then the implementation.

She recently completed a Master’s Degree in Education. The major research project was a Case Study of how iPads are being used as a teaching tool.

For a number of years Jane has been part of the Digital Schoolhouse program. Current practitioner research involves a Case Study of how children progress from physical to block based programming and NLP and Computational thinking. Jane is a CEOP ambassador. She is also an Adobe Education trainer. This gives her the opportunity to focus on areas that she is passionate about including media production, composing and digital storytelling. In her spare time, she can be seen walking around with a camera in hand and she enjoys the opportunity to use Adobe packages to experiment with still and moving images that she has taken with her camera while on her travels.

In 2015 Jane set up Knetic Education ( with Mark Lloyd. Knetic offer a diverse portfolio of services that reflects the considerable talents and experiences in the organisation. They run a Digital Schoolhouse and Apple Regional Training Centre from their base at Monkwearmouth Academy in Sunderland. Jane and Mark continue to work for Sunderland as part of the anti-bullying team - delivering workshops and assemblies covering various aspects of online safety for all ages of learner, teachers and parents.

Mark Lloyd's biography

A self-confessed geek, Mark loves nothing more than working with teachers to explore how they can raise standards of teaching and learning using technology. Mark has worked in education for his entire career. Starting as a Primary School Teacher, in Sunderland, before moving on to spend ten years managing a schools ICT centre and more recently as Local Authority ICT advisor and member of the school improvement team. His vast experience of delivering strategies for effective teaching and learning strategies has enabled him to work in schools throughout the UK to provide training, strategic advice and in-class support on raising teacher effectiveness.

He has worked with a number of schools on support and strategic planning for mobile device rollouts and the associated training, coaching and mentoring of staff. Mark is an Apple Education Trainer, CEOP Ambassador, ICT Mark Assessor and Adobe Education Trainer. He has a particular interest in music technology, film-making, photography and digital media production. In his spare time you’ll find him composing music, running and attempting to make the perfect flat white.

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