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Data Representation - Getting to Grips with Binary Numbers

Jeanette Patterson, Saltus Grammar School Bermuda


The binary number system plays an essential role in storing information from the real world on computers. Having a good understanding of binary can open up the world of computer science to learners; as fundamentally computers are electronic circuits flipping binary digits on and off. In this workshop we will focus on binary numbers and how binary is used to store all kinds of data in computer systems. This will range from binary integers, binary fractions and representation of negative numbers. Delegates can use their understanding of binary numbers to further explore how computers can represent text, images and sound. There will be some interactive activities that you will be able to use with your pupils, as well as worksheets and useful web links to help you deliver this topic effectively.

Relevant Key Stages: KS3, KS4

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Jeanette Patterson's biography

Jeanette Patterson is the Curriculum Team Leader for Computing and Technical Applications at Kings Priory School in Tynemouth, where she is also Lead Practitioner for Computer Science. She has over twenty three years' experience of teaching A level Computing/Computer Science and is a CAS master teacher. Jeanette is also a member of the team at CAS North East, centred at Newcastle University where she is based part-time.

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