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Graphstation: a tool to teach graph theory

John Lamb, Sunderland University


Graphstation is a new software application that can be used as a teaching and learning tool for students who are studying graph theory. It is suitable for A level computer science and further maths and can be used at KS 3 and 4 to develop problem solving. Its features allow you to create and customise graphs using weight and direction. It has many built in algorithms including Depth/Breadth First Search and Dijkstra’s. Students can use the manual trace tool to simulate algorithm behaviour before running it. One of its applications is looking at the 7 Bridges of Konigsberg problem and this will be covered in the session.

Relevant Key Stages: KS3, KS4, KS5

John Lamb's biography

John has a background in Physics and over 20 years of teaching experience in Physics/ ICT and Computer Science including A Level. John is passionate about all aspects of computer science and, in addition to teaching, spends much of his spare time developing software applications for use in education. John is also a CAS master teacher and run the Sunderland hub.

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