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Why teach card tricks in class?

Claire Graham, North Tyneside School Improvement Service


Often when explanations seem too difficult for our students or us to understand we resort to describing the solution as 'magic!'. Convenient perhaps, mysterious also but perhaps by avoiding exploring difficult explanations we could be missing a trick!

This workshop uses some of the magic tricks and other unplugged activities from the books of Paul Curzon (Queen Mary, University of London) to identify how aspects of the curriculum can be taught and explained this way.

The use of unplugged teaching is a key part of the thinking of the Digital Schoolhouse and the workshop will also include ways of getting involved more with this initiative.

Relevant Key Stages: KS2, KS3

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Claire Graham's biography

Claire is an experienced School Improvement Advisor with a Primary teaching background. She is CAS Community Leader who is currently based in North Tyneside. She teaches across all phases, delivers staff CPD and trains on a number of ITT courses. She has led a Digital Schoolhouse since June 2017 delivering unplugged workshops to local primary schools. She continues to focus on the use of computational thinking in non-stem subjects.

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