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Smelly Code - improving primary pupils programming

Jane Waite, CAS London


There is research evidence that pupils are writing smelly Scratch code! Also that we need to help learners have a better understanding of some of the basics to help KS3 transition. What is the difference between a bug and a smell? What is efficiency in primary programming? Come and find out about code quality and helping learners develop good programming habits from the get go!

Relevant Key Stages: KS1, KS2

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Jane Waite's biography

Jane works for Queen Mary University of London providing teacher support and teacher training. She is also doing a PhD at Queen Mary University of London researching the use of design in primary programming. She has worked on research projects at King's College London with Sue Sentance on PRIMM research and on an early review of the use of the Micro:bit. Jane writes for cs4fn, Cambridge International and previously worked on the Barefoot Project, you can blame her for Aligator Algorithm. Before that, she worked as a primary teacher for 10 years and before that as a developer in industry for 20 years.

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