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Bringing the TCP/IP model to life and why we must teach it

Duncan Maidens, Raspberry Pi Foundation


Computer Networking still remains one of the 'difficult to teach' topics of the National Curriculum and is universally poorly understood. It is often presented as a series of disjointed facts linked to a model which are just definitions to memorise.

However the model provides the scaffolding to understanding networks and allow us to build up from the electrical signals that travel across the media, through two layers of addressing to the protocols needed by the applications we all use.

This session will use packet tracer to simulate data flow and illustrate the relationship between the TCP/IP model and the structure of the data in the frames, packets and segments. All the resources will be made available.

Relevant Key Stages: KS3, KS4

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Duncan Maidens's biography

Duncan Maidens graduated from University of Newcastle upon Tyne with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1987. He started working life as BBC engineer followed by a period as a Royal Navy Instructor Officer. After returning to University and gaining an MSc in Data Telecoms and Computer Networks, Duncan progresses through several research and teaching position at Salford and Staffordshire Universities. Joining BCU in 2001, he led a team of Networking Specialists running the Cisco Academy Program. Whilst at BCU he became involved in CAS, running master teacher training, a CAS Regional Centre then becoming a Regional Delivery Partner as part of the NCCE. In May 2019 he joined the Raspberry Pi Foundation as Director of Computer Science Education.

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