Working with databases with Python (2 hour session)

Sue Sentance, King's College London


This workshop is aimed at teachers of Computing at KS4 or above and covers how to use Python to create and access a database. Participants should already be comfortable using basic Python including selection (if), iteration (for and while), lists and functions. Python 3 will be used.

Sue Sentance's biography

Sue has two roles: for Computing At School she runs the BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching as well as looking after other research-y type activities; for King's College London, she teaches on the PGCE and Master programmes in Computer Science Education. Together with Adam McNicol she set up the Python School ( website in 2011 which has supported hundreds of teachers in learning to use Python for their teaching.

Relevant Key Stages: KS4, KS5

Room: CLB Mill - 6th floor Claremont Bridge building (also accessible from 6th floor Claremont Tower)

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