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Working with databases with Python

Sue Sentance, Raspberry Pi Foundation


This workshop is aimed at teachers of Computing at KS4 or above and covers how to use Python to create and access a database. Participants should already be comfortable using basic Python including selection (if), iteration (for and while), lists and functions. Python 3 will be used.

Relevant Key Stages: KS4, KS5

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Sue Sentance's biography

Sue taught Computing and ICT for many years and then spent seven years in teacher training. More recently she has moved to the Raspberry Pi Foundation and is currently working with the National Centre for Computing Education, a government-funded project to support computing teachers. She is also a researcher and has published in the areas of computer science pedagogy, curriculum development in computer science, and physical computing. She has been involved with Computing At School for many years and is a member of the CAS Board, and leads the CAS Research group.

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