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Pencil Code Gym Jam

Phillippa Chippendale, Openzone @ The Word, and Amanda Hayward, Openzone @ The Word


You can incorporate coding into every class across the curriculum, in both STEM and non-STEM subjects. This session will guide you through using Pencil Code Jam to write music with code using a free resource. Pencil Code eases the transition from block based programming to text based. Pencil Code allows you to easily switch between blocks and CoffeeScript text-based coding. You can create art, games and music. Pencil Code can also be embedded in web pages and projects can easily be shared with a url. The session suitable for upper Key stage 2 and Key stage 3

Relevant Key Stages: KS2, KS3

Session resource(s)

Phillippa Chippendale's biography

I’m from the North East, born and bred. I graduated from Sunderland University with a degree in Biological Sciences and a BSc in Secondary Science Education. I worked in an inner-city Secondary school for 6 years before taking on the role of Lead Teacher at OpenZone CLC in 2005.

I have worked with a number of Primary and Secondary schools to develop innovative and creative use of computer technology. I teach almost every day either in the OpenZone@The Word or in schools around the region and am passionate about encouraging those children who are hard to reach to engage with technology. As a CEOP Ambassador, I am able to support schools with E-safety and have been fortunate to work with parents in encouraging their safe use of digital resources. I am an Apple Teacher and OpenZone is also an Apple RTC.

My role involves a lot of hands on support for teachers from Nursery through to Sixth Form. Practicality being the key, especially as I am an enthusiast for using Lego in the curriculum. I am also heavily involved in developing the use of the Fab Lab in The Word. Hands on! Minds on!

Amanda Hayward's biography

After graduating University with a Psychology degree I worked in marketing for five years, then decided to retrain as a teacher. I began my career in London, moving to the North East over 20 years ago. I became ICT co-ordinator at Hedworthfield Primary in South Tyneside in 1997 and joined the ICT in Schools team about five years ago.

My expertise is with Primary Schools - training teachers, advising Heads and senior management. I teach almost every day in OpenZone @ The Word or out in schools. I have a particular interest in promoting E-Safety and spend a lot of time speaking to groups of teachers, students and parents. I am a CEOP Ambassador, an Apple Teacher and as an Intel Visionary work with teachers around the globe.

My passion is encouraging children to utilise technology to enhance, extend and transform learning with the aim of developing lifelong learners who have a global awareness and empathy. I am always keen to work with others and share good practice so that all teachers and learners can benefit. All my work is grounded in good, easy to replicate, practical support – oh, and coffee and cake!

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