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Concept mapping techniques for the classrooom

Mark Dorling, Queen Mary University of London


There is a rich body of knowledge in other STEM subjects from all phases of education of using concept mapping techniques as both a learning support tool and way of recording how learners assimilate new knowledge into existing knowledge structures. Evaluation techniques can be applied to concept maps produced by learners to help teachers effectively identifying learner’s misconceptions and knowledge gaps. This is a hands on workshop in getting you started with using concept mapping techniques in your classroom!

Relevant Key Stages: KS2, KS3, KS4

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Mark Dorling's biography

Mark is a former Computing teacher in both primary and secondary education, in both selective and non-selective schools. He is currently a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London under the supervision of Professor Paul Curzon, where he is researching the use of concept mapping techniques with trainee teachers in Computing education.

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