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Microbits: using PRIMM and physical computing

Jim Green, Consett Academy


Creating a physical computing unit of work for year 8 was a challenge. How would giving 30 devices out to 12 year olds work and how would they react? Challenge for the most able and support for the less able in mixed ability classes with non specialists teaching computing! The session looks at how PRIMM was used and how students really took to the physical computing with some great results.

Relevant Key Stages: KS3

Jim Green's biography

Jim @jgreeupnorth is Head of Technical and Vocational at Consett Academy a 11-18 school in Durham. He leads and teaches computing from KS3-KS5 and is a CAS Master Teacher. He studied Computing at Northumbria and has a passion for his subject looking at how it can be taught to all abilities and making students successful at such an exciting subject. Jim is a Raspberry Pi Educator and runs a Code Club. He can be found at the Durham Community with coffee and biscuits along with Ben @mrbenn_82.

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