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Teaching HTML and CSS the easy way

Pal and Geza Kerecsenyi, CodeDragon


In this session, delegates will learn about some of the problems with teaching HTML and CSS, and why we think they could be more important than currently often done, even if GCSE specs don't require the knowledge of it. Delegates will also be introduced to CodeDragon (, our website that allows users to build websites using drag-n-drop blocks. The website offers free accounts for teachers and schools, and has a dashboard which allows them to manage students and assign them tasks. The session will include a workshop-style demonstration of CodeDragon, featuring the editor and the Teacher Dashboard.

Relevant Key Stages: KS3, KS4

Session resource(s)

Pal and Geza Kerecsenyi's biography

Pal Kerecsenyi and Geza Kerecsenyi began creating CodeDragon ( in December 2017, with the aim of filling a 'gap' between Scratch and purely textual programming. CodeDragon addresses the lack of HTML and CSS education tools by offering an intuitive drag-n-drop editor, labelled with real syntax rather than abstractions. Pal and Geza have seen CodeDragon grow to almost 1000 users since the website launched to the public in September 2018, and have also implemented a dashboard for teachers and educators, to allow them to manage students while complying with data protections laws (such as the GDPR), and assign students tasks.

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