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North Tyneside's Build-IT Initiative (physical computing and maker activities)

Chris Wilde, Royal Grammar School


In this workshop we will look at North Tyneside's Build-IT initiative and how we are developing computer science skills through physical computing and "Maker" activities. We will focus on our flagship unit of work using our bespoke Raspberry Pi kit. We will use Scratch GPIO on a Raspberry Pi to develop a series of programs to control LED light-shows that mimic real life systems, proving ease of use and just how much fun making can be!

Relevant Key Stages: KS2, KS3

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Chris Wilde's biography

Chris is a School Improvement Advisor in North Tyneside. His role includes curricular advice to teachers of computing and teaching groups of pupils from Reception to Year 13 using technology. Chris was awarded a commendation for the Guardian's teacher of the year award in 2006, is a Google Certified Teacher and his work with Build-IT has seen him recognised as a Digital Skills Leader by the Dynamo North East group. Chris' current interests lie in physical computing and Maker culture.

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