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Challenging learners of all abilities in Programming with Python

Ben Hughes, Sandhill View Academy


We've all been there...classes arrive to your lesson in which pupils have vastly different levels of experience and ability in writing code. This session will show how to tick those 'Outstanding' boxes, by allowing you to provide a scope of challenge and support at all levels, which can be tracked throughout the session.

The session aims are:
- To discuss and agree how effective challenge should look in the teaching of programming via Python
- To take away proven strategies that link with Ofsted expectations of good/outstanding lessons, for effectively challenging pupils in the teaching of programming via Python.

Please note that there will be little-to-no Python programming development in this session. The session is focused on the Teaching and Learning aspects of how to fulfil the Ofsted good/outstanding criteria in practical delivery of programming. Python is simply used for reference as the example programming environment due to its popularity across schools.

Relevant Key Stages: KS3, KS4

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Ben Hughes's biography

Ben is Head of Computing at Sandhill View Academy and is a CAS Master Teacher and co-leader of the CAS Sunderland Hub.

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