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Introduction to Unplugged Programming for Teachers

Dave White, University College London


This taster workshop is an extract from the first session in a Training Course in Algorithms and Programming for level 1 CAS Master Teachers. This exemplar Course is designed by a joint teacher/academic team in the Department of Computer Science at University College London. Module 1 is designed as a foundation course suitable for primary and secondary teachers. It is being trialled in a small number of primary and secondary schools. Three of the 15 Workbooks which make up Module 1 are devoted to unplugged programming. They are in a developmental stage and available for viewing and downloading on the website Feedback is welcome.

Relevant Key Stages: KS2, KS3

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Dave White's biography

Dave White is currently part of a team in the Department of Computer Science at UCL delivering and developing a training course for Master Teachers and Teachers, in Algorithms and Programming for KS1-KS4. The team is trialling the course with the help of teachers and pupils in a a few primary and secondary schools. The 15 Course Workbooks in Module 1 are/will be available on the website. The intention is to complete stable versions of the Workbooks by May 1st 2015. Dave is particularly interested in the rich diversity of approaches to teaching the subject.

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