Physical computing in primary with the Crumble controller

Nick Cook, Newcastle University, and Jane Waite, CAS London


An introduction to physical computing using the Crumble controller. Use the very simple block based programming language to sequence coloured lights, add loops and move on to sensors and movement. The aim is for you:
- To be able to build a small physical computing project and program it, in less than 30 minutes
- To know what kind of (DT and Computing) projects are possible with a crumble kit
- To have fun and be inspired!

Nick Cook's biography

Nick is a lecturer in Computing Science at Newcastle University teaching operating systems and systems programming to Stage 2 undergraduates. He is responsible for CS outreach and widening participation. He has been an active member of CAS since 2010 and leads CAS North East (, the Computing At School regional centre for the North East of England.

Jane Waite's biography

Jane works for CAS London to support primary and secondary Master Teachers, hub leads, lead schools, teachers and other educational groups working in London. She is also undertaking a PhD in computing and education at Queen Mary University of London. Jane previously worked on the Barefoot Project authoring resources on computational thinking and worked in the primary sector for about 10 years. Before that she worked in tech for 20 years. Jane is committed to using tech effecively and enabling pupils to gain real tech confidence and enthusiam.

Relevant Key Stages: KS1, KS2

Room: BSTC Side - PC cluster, ground floor Barbara Strang Teaching Centre

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