Sonic Pi - computer science through music

Sarah Zaman, CAS North West - Manchester


Sonic Pi is the live coding Synth for Everyone. To quote from the Web site it is:
- Simple enough for computing and music lessons.
- Powerful enough for professional musicians.
- Free to download with a friendly tutorial.
It is a great way to introduce text based programming, in Ruby, with students coding their own music. It is available on Raspberry Pi, Windows and Mac.
In this session you will get a hands-on introduction to Sonic Pi and its use to support the computing curriculum.
Get creative and have a go at remixing your own version of a song!

Sarah Zaman's biography

Sarah Zaman is a Primary School teacher who has been passionate about computing since an early age. She is a CAS Master Teacher, a former Hub Leader and now works at The University of Manchester as one of the CAS Manchester Regional coordinators. She is also a keen advocate of the use of Physical Computing devices such as the Crumble, the Codebug, the Microbit and the Raspberry Pi in the KS2 and KS3 classroom.

Relevant Key Stages: KS2, KS3

Room: BSTC G.34 - seminar room 2, ground floor, Barbara Strang Teaching Centre

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