BBC micro:bit Block programming and input/output

Nick Cook, Newcastle University


The BBC micro:bit is being given to every Year 7 child in the country. It will also be available for purchase in the near future. This then opens up the possibility of using the micro:bit in primary and secondary. In this session we will use the micro:bit Block language (which similar to Scratch) and some of the many interesting things that can be done with the device. It is a chance for both primary and secondary teachers to get some hands-on practice with the device. We will also look at how the micro:bit can be used with input/output devices, similar to use of the Crumble controller.

Nick Cook's biography

Nick is a lecturer in Computing Science at Newcastle University teaching operating systems and systems programming to Stage 2 undergraduates. He is responsible for CS outreach and widening participation. He has been an active member of CAS since 2010 and leads CAS North East (, the Computing At School regional centre for the North East of England.

Relevant Key Stages: KS2, KS3

Room: BSTC Side - PC cluster, ground floor Barbara Strang Teaching Centre

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