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Minetest in the classroom

John Lamb, Sunderland University


Minetest is an open source infinite world multi-player sandbox game inspired by Minecraft.
It offers a free option for schools who wish to embrace Minecraft based learning within the classroom. The session is broken down into:-
1. Introduction to the software and how it can be used in the classroom at key stage 2 and 3, and has been used in practice as part of project work in lessons.
- suggestions for enhancing the learning experience using Minetest
- ideas on how students can work collaboratively on tasks
- links with computing, numeracy and literacy
2. Hands on activity working with Minetest and a range of existing mods
- how to use Minetest to create and build.
- challenge tasks to get to grips with the software.
- introduction to mods and the community
3. Creating a custom mod - a programming activity with a tutorial to support users. It guides users through creating their own mod using Lua.
- create graphics for the mod
- defining the mod structure and creating the script
- testing and building with the mod
Attendees will be provided with activity worksheets for students to use in schools.

Relevant Key Stages: KS2, KS3

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John Lamb's biography

John has a background in Physics and over 20 years of teaching experience in Physics/ ICT and Computer Science including A Level. John is passionate about all aspects of computer science and, in addition to teaching, spends much of his spare time developing software applications for use in education. John is also a CAS master teacher and run the Sunderland hub.

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