Minetest in the classroom

John Lamb, Monkwearmouth Academy


Minetest is an open source infinite world multi-player sandbox game inspired by Minecraft.
It offers a free option for schools who wish to embrace Minecraft based learning within the classroom. The session is broken down into:-
1. Introduction to the software and how it can be used in the classroom at key stage 2 and 3, and has been used in practice as part of project work in lessons.
- suggestions for enhancing the learning experience using Minetest
- ideas on how students can work collaboratively on tasks
- links with computing, numeracy and literacy
2. Hands on activity working with Minetest and a range of existing mods
- how to use Minetest to create and build.
- challenge tasks to get to grips with the software.
- introduction to mods and the community
3. Creating a custom mod - a programming activity with a tutorial to support users. It guides users through creating their own mod using Lua.
- create graphics for the mod
- defining the mod structure and creating the script
- testing and building with the mod
Attendees will be provided with activity worksheets for students to use in schools.

John Lamb's biography

John trained as a Physics teacher and has taught Physics and ICT since 1995, and more recently computer science. He is enthusiastic about the use of electronics and control in computing and has created many projects around the Raspberry Pi. He now leads in the computer science teaching at Monkwearmouth Academy, is a CAS Master Teacher and co-leads the CAS Sunderland Hub.

Relevant Key Stages: KS2, KS3

Room: BSTC G.34 - seminar room 2, ground floor, Barbara Strang Teaching Centre

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