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How the digitally illiterate are failing young people

Simon Finch, NorthernGrid for Learning


This session will explore and challenge the existing approaches to esafety in schools and organisations that work with young people. Until adults model, embed and engage with social media, young people will continue to be digital citizens who are disadvantaged, will not achieve their potential and be at serious risk of harm.

Relevant Key Stages: KS1, KS2, KS3

Simon Finch's biography

Simon is a presenter and guide on elearning, esafety, safeguarding, IPR and themes relating to technology and learning. He has 20 years experience in leading workshops and training sessions in schools and local authorities. He is a keynote, conference and exhibition speaker for Becta, Regional Broadband Consortia, universities, LSCBs, local authorities, schools and public services and charities. Simon was a 2013 NAACE Impact Award winner for leadership "for his commitment to ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment for the education sector." Simon will work for pie!

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