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Little Robot Computer - LMC made simple

John Lamb, Sunderland University


This session is designed primarily for teachers of KS3 and KS4. You will be looking at the stored program architecture and how computers process instructions in the CPU. This is now part of the KS3 national curriculum and the resources in the session are designed to make the delivery of a difficult topic easier with younger students at KS3 or weaker students at KS4 and 5. You will be using a simplified version of the well-established Little Man Computer simulation called the Little Robot Computer. You will gain experience in writing in assembly language. For experienced users of the LMC you will have access to a new version, which build on the skills from the Little Robot Computer.

Relevant Key Stages: KS3, KS4

Session resource(s)

John Lamb's biography

John has a background in Physics and over 20 years of teaching experience in Physics/ ICT and Computer Science including A Level. John is passionate about all aspects of computer science and, in addition to teaching, spends much of his spare time developing software applications for use in education. John is also a CAS master teacher and run the Sunderland hub.

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