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CAS Quantum - writing high quality questions to assess computing

Mark Frazer, Durham University


Project Quantum is an exciting venture to give computing teachers the help they need to access high-quality, low-stakes formative assessment for the new computing programmes of study. At the heart of this project is the principle that questions are crowd-sourced. Teachers can write questions themselves and use them through the platform. Their questions can be made available to others and they can use questions that others have written. Sounds great doesn’t it? But writing good quality questions is hard.

Come along to this workshop and hear more about the project, get some practical ideas for writing high quality assessment questions and have a go at creating some brand new questions for Project Quantum.

Project Quantum is funded by ARM, Google and Microsoft.

Relevant Key Stages: KS2, KS3, KS4

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Mark Frazer's biography

Mark Frazer is the Assessment and Reporting Team Leader at the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) at Durham University. Mark is currently involved in Project Quantum, a joint research project between Computing at School, Microsoft, Google, Diagnostic Questions, ARM, Cambridge Assessment and CEM. The project is focussed on investigating quality assurance systems in computer-based assessment and developing ways of providing actionable guidance to authors of questions in order to improve crowd-sourced assessment content.
Project Quantum uses the multiple-choice question bank as the basis of its research.  Much of the computing assessment content has been developed in partnership with CAS and Mark is interested in discovering more about the requirements of users in order to further enhance the support offered to users of the system.

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