Disney Pseudocode - from animation to programming and back again

Claire Graham, North Tyneside CLC


When a computer works and does everything as expected, some people view this as magic. Then when the IT doesn't appear to work, it is easy to view all technology as useless. This workshop aims to take the idea of magic, as seen in Disney films, and show how the events can be broken down into smaller actions using Pseudocode.

Then we will rebuild into a complete sequence using programming.

We will demonstrate working through the process from planning a specific outcome, such as flying, to making it happen visually, on screen using Scratch. This will help students view a working computer as a machine which follows well designed algorithms rather than a box containing a magic wizard.

Claire Graham's biography

Claire is an experienced School Improvement Advisor with a Primary teaching background. She is
CAS Master Teacher who is currently based in North Tyneside. She teaches across all phases, delivers staff CPD and trains on the North Tyneside 3-7 SCITT. Her educational passions include animation to support thinking in all areas of the curriculum and she subscribes to the ‘poundstore pedagogy’ (http://osiriseducational.co.uk/osirisblog/poundstore-pedagogy-inspiration-in-the-aisles).

Relevant Key Stages: KS1, KS2

Room: GNM Clore 2 - Great North Museum

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