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Simulating our World with StarLogoTNG

Nick Cook, Newcastle University


The session will introduce the free StarLogoNG block-based environment for developing simulations of dynamic systems such as predator and prey ecosystems, termite nests and pandemics. Instead of programming one agent, program hundreds at once and explore the amazing group behaviour that emerges from very simple programs. From the people who developed Scratch, StarLogo has been described as Scratch on steroids!
This session is based on CAS Tenderfoot materials and will provide you with hands-on experience of StarLogoTNG as well as ideas that can be used from KS2.

Relevant Key Stages: KS2, KS3

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Nick Cook's biography

Nick is a senior lecturer in Computing Science at Newcastle University teaching operating systems and systems programming to Stage 2 undergraduates. He is responsible for CS outreach and widening participation. He has been an active member of CAS since 2010 and leads CAS North East (

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