CAS North East News News from CAS contacts in the north east CAS Secondary Computing Update Body: Yes, I am emailing again to encourage you to join us at the CAS North East Conference on 25 March <>. For £50 you get a full day of hands-on, practical CPD from national and regional experts in secondary computing. Over 100 teachers have registered so far. Register by credit card or we can invoice your school. The list of CPD events in the region is growing. See for details. Recent additions include events from Chris Wilde and Simon Finch for Northern Grid for Learning and events in Cramlington from Paul Robson, our newest CAS Master Teacher. Finally, the CAS National Survey is now open <>. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey so that we get an accurate picture of what is happening on the ground. And, if you complete the survey, you could win a £25 amazon token - that's the raffle! Wishing you a good half-term. Author: Nick Cook <> Created: 12 Feb 2015 ]]> CAS North East and Barefoot Computing Regional Conference Body: Following the success of the CAS North East Primary Conference on April 2 2014, we are planning the CAS North East and Barefoot Computing Regional Conference on 25 March 2015. This conference will cover computing in the primary and secondary curriculum. Paul Curzon of CS4Fun will deliver the keynote. There will also be workshops from Sue Sentance and Mark Dorling of the CAS national team, and from Zoe Ross and other members of the Barefoot national team. Further details and booking information are now available at: Author: Nick Cook <> Created: 08 Nov 2014 Modified: 20 Dec 2014 ]]> New CAS North East Web site Body: Welcome to the new Computing At School (CAS) North East Web site. The aim of this site is to bring together news and information about events related to computing in schools in the North East. CAS hub meetings and CPD events will be listed here along with other CAS and CAS related news from master teachers, hub leaders and University partners around the region. Author: Nick Cook <> Created: 06 Oct 2014 ]]>